Consulting and Project Evaluation

I am available to you as an arms length consultant for any job on which you are acting as the general contractor, or  to evaluate the work of someone you have hired.  With the amount of poor work that is being done these days it is very nice to have a second opinion and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the work being done for you is safe, and will hold up over time.  It is also important to ensure that the people hired to do the work are using best practices that are durable and energy efficient (note: energy efficiency is now part of the 2006 Ontario Building Code).  

I am often asked to come in after hours, and your contractor need not know I was ever there.  If the work being done for you is unsatisfactory then I will identify any deficiencies and potential safety* issues.  If possible, I will also help you solve the issue with your contractor.  To avoid conflict of interest, when my consultation results in the termination of a contract, I do not complete that contractor’s work. 

*Please note that my consultations and reports do not, in any way, replace the need for an inspection by a municipal building inspector.  These inspections are essential for your home owner’s insurance, in the case of an electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or structural failure and damage resulting from work that does not comply with local building codes.